March 04, 2014

Big Brother Mzansi housemates to dance it out

Given that Big Brother has seen a great energy come over the housemates during physical exercise time, he has decided to make the theme for this week fit the dance week.

Big Brother Mzansi housemates will dancing throughout the week, Biggie will send a dance expert into the house to teach the housemates about Mzansi's favorite dance styles. The housemates are required to practice and then present their dance styles as a task presentation.

First on the dance style list is the culture rich gum-boot dance, this's because this dance is very rich in Mzansi culture and has been conceived by the minors as an alternative to drumming which was restricted by authority years back.

Good enough Gum-boot dancing has now become very popular all over the universe and it's renowned for it's rhythm, timing and accuracy. originally boots were a solution to flooded gold mines where miners where forced to stand and toil away in the water for hours.

However there was a feeling that the gum-boots were on the other side used by the miner to communicate to each other without their boss' knowledge and that being said, the housemates have been provided with a full crate of gum-boots and two skilled instructors to help learn how it was done those days.

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