March 26, 2014

Big Brother Mzansi Highlights: Day 51

08:45 Kat and Sol get cosy in the Suite 501. Meanwhile, Mzansi is busy rooting for their favourites to make it through to the Finale.

09:20 Lexi and Mandla chat about the end of the game. They are generally just bonding this morning. Mandla asks her what she'd do if she were the last one in the House. "I would move the bed to the centre," Mandla declares.

10:00 Poolie grabs the opportunity to get a few winning tips from Emmett in the garden. "People love the underdog," Emmett advises.

10:30 Poolie and Emmett pull a fast one on the unsuspecting snoozing Housemates. They list the red man statue upstairs

10:45 Boys and their love for sport! Poolie gets a quick lesson on Hockey from Emmett. This, after the guys have compared notes on soccer and basketball.

11:30 A bit of a culture shock there for Emmett as Lexi and her beau Mandla step out to the garden half naked.

12:20 Lexi offers Loko champagne and she obviously won't let it pass. When Poolie raises eyebrows about this, she replies; "champagne breakfast".

12:40 HoH Loko reads the week's Task brief. It is Travel Week

12:45 The Housemates unanimously go for 100 percent Wager. HoH Loko tells Biggie that they can't wait to get started.

12:55 Emmett calls for music and Lexi challenges him to dance. "No music please," she shouts. He then challenges Lexi to dance and she says she has no problem. Bump the music Biggie

13:00 The first Task is on sports. The Housemates will have to rotate as commentators for each sport.

13:28 Mandla and MK are the first to start off the sports commentary on the match taking place right now.

13:45 The girls step out in their bikinis to attack horse racing.

14:08 Our commentators, Lexi and Loko are out of hand, drinking and smoking on the job? If you're confused, the boys in the hockey game are: 'Calamari' is Poolie, 'Fish-finger' is MK, Mandla is 'Beef-cake', 'Chicken Breast' is Emmett. We don't know why either.

14:44 MK in the Diary Room. Apparently Kat is not in Canada, could be in Bangladesh and Emmett was not in Big Brother Canada and is a paid actor. Is the arrival of the Canadian unraveling the Housemates?

15:05 We have a Canadian in the Diary Room, it looks like 'Poloko' is on the way out thanks to Emmett's intervention.

16:36 As usual, Lexi-loo doesn't hold back in the Diary Room, she tells Biggie she's glad Thando has made her merry way out the House.

15:53 Emmett back in the Diary Room asking Biggie to dish some dirt on Iris so he can sufficiently freak out MK.

16:05 Loko, Iris and Lexi Lexi called into the Diary Room and told by Biggie to get ready for a special 'date'. With Emmett, although they don't know this. How happy Lexi is... not.

16:18 Statue time and there is dead silence! No ways! Loko's best friend, Kate in the House. She's hugging her and talking to her and Loko can't respond

16:55 Aw shucks. Poolie in the Diary Room. He's not a happy bunny that Loko will be on a date with Emmett.

17:17 Iris is in tears during Statue Task, her brother, Thulani has just walked in. And no, she moved! Iris, say it's not so.

18:25 Kat in the Room 501 Diary Session, it's Sol, Sol, Sol and Sol and double standards.Sol followed suit and it was Lexi, Lexi, Lexi and her man strategies. Oh to be a fly on the wall.

18:50 Statue Task for Room 501 and Kat's best friend Thokozani came in. Well done Kat, you didn't move a muscle

19:20 Get your date date on! Loko and Emmett kick start date night. And cue romantic music.

19:35 We want to know what you think of Emmett, his three girls and date night. Let us know using the hash tag #BBDateNight

19:56 What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Kat and Sol get a full blown casino treat, avec croupier, black jack, roulette, chips, the whole fandango.

20:27 Iris' turn with Emmett. Let's hope he makes more of an effort entertaining her than he did Loko.

20:58 Lexi's turn. Or should we say Emmett's turn? Does he look nervous or is it just us? Lexify him girl.

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