March 24, 2014

Big Brother Mzansi Highlights: Day 49

08:45 This week was incontrovertible evidence that Big Brother Mzansi is in fact, a game and the reward at the end is getting closer and closer to being won. Here’s a weekly round-up in case you missed it all.
09:15 It’s that time right now. The Housemates are getting their hair done. We wonder which hairstyles they will be getting today.
09:30 Sol and rhyming? We don’t think they mix very well. Better stick to your day job, don’t you think so?
09:50 The Housemates will all be getting their hair done today since they are all up for possible Eviction tonight.
10:20 Lexi has another weave today and she loves it. We hope she will keep it for long this time.
10:43 Weaves are on the menu today. The ladies are upping their game.
11:04 Mzamo you look like a movie star! What do you think about Mzamo’s hairdo?
11:16 Hehehe Sol the mack, you are now hitting on your hairstylist? Are you trying to make Katjealous? Watch this….
11:45 The beautiful, Kat and Loko are talking about tonight’s Eviction Show. Kat says she is scared and Loko says she is terrified adding that they do not know what will happen tonight.
11:48 Iris is feeling herself with her new hairdo. She has a weave on and she is feeling good about the new look. We hope this is all for MK, maybe.
12:08 MK, the gentleman is feeling energetic today. He is now working out his muscles. We wonder what all of this could be for? Could he be on a mission to impress a special somebody?
12:16 On tonight’s Live Eviction Show, Bucie (African princess of house) and Gino Brown will beperforming live on stage. Don’t sleep on this, make sure you watch the Eviction Show for a taste of great entertainment.
12;38 Iris tells Mzamo that she is aware of what happened last night between MK and Kat. She says if he hubby MK wants to cheat on her then he should go ahead, she doesn’t mind. Oh Iris, you are such an understanding wife.
12:43 Housemates are instructed to close all doors and remain outdoors until further notice.
13:20 Housemates and their shocking habits, we’ve watched them long enough to pick up on them.
13:50 Sol, we love the fact you don’t give up when it comes to getting the girl.
14:16 Iris tells Mzamo that MK is a free man after last night’s indiscretion with Kat.
15:17 Oh MK, it was just a couple of bottles of booze!
16:20 Dum, dum, dum… It’s Eviction night which means a Live Show. Which means live show. Housemates haven’t a cooking clue who might be leaving.
16:39 Thando is first in the Diary Room for the Eviction Diary Sessions, a big shout out to Biggie for doing her hair and looking after her
16:39 Sol gets paranoid about his fellow Housemates putting him up for Eviction. Not fair play, according to Sol of the House.
16:52 Mzamo follows Poolie in the Diary Room. He feels like he’s anxious. “I feel like there are certain situations that need addressing, I feel like, I feel like…”
17:11 During his Diary Session Mandla confessed that one of his biggest fears going into the Big Brother Mzansi House was being the first to leave the game.
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