March 22, 2014

Big Brother Mzansi Highlights: Day 48

08:15 Well done Kat once again for winning Immunity in yesterday's Friday Night Games. A test of their general knowledge in a Pop Quiz was what won Kat Immunity. Check how she won.

08:30 Sol was at it again last night. Trying to get Kat to fall for his spell. He tucked her in bed and tried to steal a goodnight kiss. Click here to watch video.

08:45 MK really owes Iris some answers. She wants to know were she stands. From the moment she laid eyes on him during their first chat over the WeChat screen back in her days in the Chamber, it was love at first sight. Since then Iris has had her heart set on MK. Read it all here.

09:05 Tonight, at 21:00 DJ Naked will kick start Channel O's Party Zone in the House. This is never to be missed!

09:20 Can you keep up with all the entertainment on Big Brother Mzansi? You know it gets better everyday.

10:25 The man of reason, MK tries to understand his fellow Housemates' spiteful behaviour. Check out this video.

10:42 After a long wait, Poolie and Loko wake up from lala-land. Maybe the rest of the Housemates will wake up too. Crossing our fingers tight.

11:37 It seems Sol will not be stopping anytime soon. Maybe it's time we accept that or not. But on the other hand, Kat could be enjoying all the attention.

12:10 Who is dramatic or less dramatic? Housemates, Thando and Mzamo are pondering around this subject. Mzamo says Iris is dramatic and not him. Thando says she can be dramatic at times but not always.

12:28 MK is summoned to the Diary Room.

12:40 'Beauty is in the eye of the beholder'. Loko, Thando, Iris and Mzamo are comparing celebrity looks. They seem to know more about physical beauty.

12:46 Kat tells Sol that she can hook up with A.K.A anytime if she wants to. She added that she has limited herself in the past and says being on Big Brother Mzansi, will help her protect her territory. Go girl.

13:05 Mzamo is running the game. Lost about this? Did you see the way he puts his points across? He has a point to prove and he will force it down your throat. Get that Loko?

13:15 Iris says Sol should always get sick, so that they could enjoy his quiet mood in the House. You are really funny Iris.... We do agree with you girl but not with the sick part.
13:34 Mandla and Lexi share a kiss.

13:52 Ok, ok don't get shocked. The 'girls'(Mzamo, Thando, Kat and Iris) are pampering themselves with some beauty face masks.

14:29 Bucie and Gino Brown on the Live Show tomorrow night. DStv channel 161 at 19:00 don't miss it!

15:59 Another intimate moment between Lexi and Mandla

16:43 So the beach party was a reward for their Task, but do you think Biggie is laying it on thick because he's going to drop a bombshell tomorrow?

17:27 The Housemates get thoroughly stuck into a game of bingo. Spirits are high and there are smiles all round.

18:07 Mandla, Lexi, Sol and Kat get cooking in the kitchen and of course Sol, always the entertainer, starts to mimic some local rappers which provides everyone with a bit of a chuckle.

18:24 Mzamo takes it upon himself to style Mandla for the party tonight. He instructs everyone to stay downstairs as he wants the final look to be a surprise for everyone.

18:36 Thanks to Mzamo and his usper stylin' skills, Mandla walks down the stairs in a powder blue collared shirt and some rather tight white trousers, rocking out some slick shades to boot. Iris was so elated at the finished look she spent a solid minute screaming at the top of her lungs.

19:26 All the ladies are getting ready for the Channel O party zone tonight. This will be the last party for one of the Housemates so they better make it a good one.

20:24 Everyone is looking turnt' for the party tonight, well everybody but Poolie and Loko who are behaving like they are in a teenage love affair, running around the House and playing the fool.

21:00 The Channel O party zone is on and in full force with Dj Naked in the House! Let's get down.

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