March 22, 2014

Big Brother Mzansi Highlights: Day 47

09:00 This morning only some of the Housemates partook in the morning yoga session while others slept in.

09:38 Poolie gives his girl Loko a decadent back rub after her shower. Mzamo traipses around the House in his signature zebra print gown while Mandla washes the dishes.

10:04 Cute couple 'Poloko' get back into bed for some cuddles while bestie's Mandla and Sol have some conversation over coffee.

10:22 Sol and Mandla are still involved in there conversation but now things are getting controversial on the topic of whether or not prostitution should be legalized or not. Oh Sol, you really never cease to shock us!

11:12 Wow! It must be the weather but all the Housemates seem to of woken up just to go back to sleep.

12:01 Looks like the ladies are up and about with both Kat and Lexi doing their hair for the day. Everyone else however are still in chill mode.

12:30 There is nothing quite like fresh linen! The Housemates get all their clean towels and linen from Biggie, not like the need more reason to stay in bed though.

12:50 Lexi and Mandla make their bed and share a couple of laughs while they're at it.

13:00 Looks like it's time for breakfast or should we say lunch in the House. Poolie is making omelettes.

13:17 It's that time again, the HoH Task is upon us. Who do you think will take the coveted title this time? Let us know #BBHoH

13:44 Loko finally takes the coveted title of HoH! Finally, the bubbly Housemate has been trying for this since the very beginning! You go girl!

13:55 To celebrate Loko's HoH victory all the Housemates take the Task balloons inside and settling in for a drink or three.

14:36 Diary sessions are in full swing with Kat and Iris already done and previous HoH Mzamo currently in the hot seat talking heavy strategy.

14:47 Sexy Lexi is in the Diary room. She says her chances of staying in the House are good.

15:12 It was a very surprising Diary session for Housemate Thando. She stayed away from gossip and did not bad mouth any of the other Housemates, she was smiling and happy, she also said that she thinks two people will be going home on Sunday and she will be one of them.

15:26 Mandla tells Biggie that he is happy for Loko winning HoH but he also feels that she is temperamental so it will be interesting to see how she reacts under pressure. He also gets candid about his family, saying that he hopes everything is ok at home as he is the only the sole provider.

15:49 Wow!Poolie tells Biggie that he thinks of himself as an underdog. He is also very sure that he will not be evicted this Sunday, quoting "I will get through this Sunday Biggie, trust me."

15:58 Loko dishes on her upcoming Save and Replace dilemma. If she makes it through this Sunday and Kat and Poolie are both put up for eviction, who will she save? Biggie also tells Loko that her and Poolie will find a reward in the storeroom along with something for the Housemates.

16:22 Biggie gave the Housemates a little treat. Nothing like some delicious chocolate to brighten up such a grey day. Pity Mzamo cannot partake due to his diet.

17:10 Look who's in the Big Brother Channel O Party Zone tomorrow night, little bit of Naked DJ anyone?

17:58 Friday Night Games, the Saturday Channel O Party Zone and the whopper that will be this week's Live Show. Mzansi, we have your weekend wrapped up.

18:15 The Housemates speculate over the possibilities of today's Friday Night Game. Would they be fighting for money or immunity? We'll just have to wait and see! We'll just have to wait and see! Congrats again to new HoH Loko! first lady to take the crown.

18:39 The ladies come out dressed to the nines ready to get the Friday Night Game underway and impress the pants off Lungster. The topic in the interim is weight and height.

20:20 Lungile, this is hilarious! The general knowledge round. Who has nine symphonies? Clue a beet and an oven and it's not Mozart.

20:36 It was Kat who finally won Immunity and that super reward, which is handed out on Sunday... do we have to wait till then?

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