March 21, 2014

Big Brother Mzansi Highlights: Day 46

08:00 These morning exercises are getting too intense. The Housemates are mixing in more things into their workout. This gym instructor is not making things any easier for them.
08:15 Fathers MK and Mandla, struggle to wake up this morning for morning exercises due to father duties.
08:45 We didn't know that babies feed off alcohol. Wait a minute, Thando thinks so. Bad, bad nanny!
09:30 We can't stop laughing about the comment that Sol made last night to Thando, when he handed the baby over to her. He said "Lomntwana unamadimoni" (This baby is demon possessed).
09:45 Poolie and Loko are trying their best to just keep private with their Secret Task. They are now whispering under covers. What a Mission.
 10:14 Oh Kat, are you that exhausted? Well, you do need the nap of course while baby Khaya is still sleeping. Take the opportunity lady!
10:32 Guess what MK and Sol are conversating about? It's non either than Sol's favourite thing; If you are thinking radio, you on point!
10:47 What a Task it is for Poolie and Loko. They are still discussing and trying to find best ways to pull of their Secret Mission.
11:06 "Housemates are you confident that you are going to win your Wager with all the sleepiness taking place in the House?", Biggie wants to know says Sol after returning from the Diary Room. Biggie, your sense of humor is cracking us all up.
11:15 Don't we just get proud when our Housemates become knowledgeable about important things regarding birth control? Thank you Biggie for this Week of Social Awareness, it is working wonders. Well done guys and keep learning more.
11:30 It seems that MK has had enough with the Baby Task. He shares that he is "tired and deserves some rest since he slept late last night due to taking care of his baby".
11:50 It's Statue Task time! Today, Biggie has something sexy for the Housemates. Cheerleaders wiggling their pom, poms. Ooh, will this tempt the Housemates and make them lose focus?
12:15 The Housemates are not blown away by the Statue Task. They think it was just an easy one to them and it didn't challenge them.
12:40 Iris, what seems to be bothering you now? Are you missing home? Iris is in far away land and seems to be pondering over something really serious. Come on girl, lighten up!
13:05 HoH Mzamo is summoned to the Diary Room. We wonder why?
13:11 Brace yourself Mzansi, for a Talk Show to be brought by your's dearly. Big Brother has provided props and wardrobe for Housemates to transform themselves into Talk Show characters. This is definitely something not to miss.
13:30 The Talk Show is underway right now and the Housemates are in character. Guess what? HoH Mzamo is the Show host. What do you think about the topic of the show? Join the conversation on twitter #BBTalkShow
13:35 The topic of the Show today is family planning. Since it's Social Awareness Week and there's certainly a lot to learn from it. What are your thoughts?
13:45 Dr.Kat and Dr. Thando are on stage giving advise about contraceptives. They are the specialists and they know their job.
14:00 Founder Loko introduces her foundation called "Pace Foundation". She knows more about family planning and she gives invitation to the audience.
14:10 What a show! The Housemates gave an amazing performance. Mzamo is just made for this, his co-hosting skills are out of this world.
14:30 Lexi and Mandla are making laugh right now. They are just crazy. Check this out
14:50 Naughty Poolie, you just stole baby Khaya, Kat's and Sol's baby. Oh no, mama Kat is going to freak out.
15:50 Moving along to the next Task on the agenda, the Housemates are perfecting their Comedy Sketch for tonight's Task Presentation.
16:20 Diary sessions commence with Loko. She tells Biggie about how she and Poolie plan to progress on their Secret mission.
16:51 For all their hard work today Lexi reckons Biggie should replenish their wine stocks as well as a neat picnic basket treat.
16:55 Loko and Lexi sit down for a serious talk. Will they see common ground on this?
17:00 Thando feels exhausted after a sleepless night with her baby and a morning of grueling exercise. She reckons their Talk Show was both educational but lighthearted. She added that she's felt emotionally wrought in the past couple of weeks and this one in particular.
17:15 During her Diary Session Iris tells Biggie that she misses her baby at home but MK cheered her up. In their love triangle she reckons MK loves her more than he does Thando, he just needs to wake up to that fact.
17:20 Loko and Lexi labour away at their strained relationship. There might be light at the end of the tunnel.
17:28 The Talk Show was definitely a highlight for Mzamo as he feels he got the opportunity to put his talent and skills as a presenter on display. For his alone time he requested complete sets of Madonna and Beyonce DVD's.
17:40 Sol and Kat, parents of Khaya, thought the Talk Show went off spectacularly without a glitch. Everyone is playing their part. Sol congratulates Lexi on keeping her aplomb during Social Awareness Week in a House where all the girls sideline and dislike her.
18:22 The Housemates, clad in wigs and all sorts of headgear, await Biggie's signal as they are more than ready for show time.
18:45 Final rehearsals are underway. Looks sizzling hot. We can't wait for a comedy sketch on Family Planning
19:45 The Housemates put on a stellar show, impress Biggie and win their Wager. Well done guys
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