March 19, 2014

Big Brother Mzansi Highlights: Day 44

09:00 After some hip shaking exercise this morning, the Housemates are waking up and capitalizing on Shower hour.
09:19 Biggie is bumping the music! Yes please!
09:30 Kat, Mzamo and Thando talk about men and what kind of man they want. They also go into detail about 'gold digging' and it doesn't look like 'Kitty-Kat' is against it. Oh girl, got to love your honesty!
09:42 While the ladies continue to do their make-up and get beautiful for the day ahead, Pooliemakes breakfast for his lady Loko. Looks like the Housemates are no longer eating together, or maybe Poolie is just trying to impress his boo this morning.
10:00 Lexi and Mandla talk about call centers and morticians while she puts her make-up on upstairs
10:57 Poolie and Loko get cozy and cute in the Hammock, this is after she apologised to him for being the cause of his Immunity loss. Very thoughtful Loko, but don't you think Lexi deserves an apology as well? After all it was her who everyone was conspiring against.
11:52 Social Awareness week for Housemates as they get their Wager brief through and 100 percent it is. Let's hope their Social Awareness Campaigns (complete with TV ad) make a footprint with Biggie.
14:15 Sol of the House in the Diary Room of the House (even we're hyperventilating).
14:54 Who's gossiping about who, who's neutral, who's not? It's difficult for us to keep up too, and let's be honest, everyone is accountable.
15:20 Lexi in the Diary Room, so pretty when you smile.
15:58 An intimate Thursday afternoon snuggle for Mandla and Lexi. Just friends, are you sure?
16:32 Social Awareness posters start taking shape. Are you channeling your inner 'Spongebob',Poolie?
17:18 Loko and Kat in the kitchen bonding over cooking. The food looks tasty so far.
17:35 Wow! Dracula is in Biggie's House. Mandla are you telling us something? Wait, you want blood?
17:55 Mandla and Lexi, stop it guys! Actually, don't stop. All that loving and running around like little kids in love, is just so cute.
18:00 HoH Mzamo is reading a Brief for today's Task. Babies, nurseries and crying? Are our Housemates ready for parenthood in Biggie's House. Oh Biggie...
18:05 "It takes a village to raise a kid", says Sol. Do the Housemates know anything about raising children? This will be interesting to see. Hint: Take some tips from Iris guys.
18:12 Kat and Sol to parent a child together. Now this is something to hark about.
18:30 Kat is so happy with being a mother. Her face is just glowing. She is making Sol a happy dad right now.
18:45 Mzamo is not at all interested in the baby Task. It looks like he has much better things to do with his time.
19:30 It's sex education and staying in school that tips the Housemates' list of most pressingsocial issues
19:45 Raising a child is no child's play. When the babies start crying, who will soothe them in the best way? Just look at the daddies trying their best to stop their babies from crying. Ooh, so sweet.
20:11 MK is worried about the Task Wager win. He is wondering if they will manage to impress Biggie and get a big fat win. We don't blame you MK, raising a baby is a serious job.
20:20 It's barely two hours and the Housemates have had enough with the baby caring. Parenthood is definitely not at all that easy.
20:44 Sol says these babies are making him feel old right now. Oh Sol and you thought it would be easy?
21:06 Kat is taking the Task too seriously. "Wait, I am breastfeeding the baby", she said to Sol.
21:20 MK is going on and on, trying to explain himself to Iris. We think Iris should try to take things lightly.
21:30 Did you see the reaction on the Housemates' faces when they received their babies?
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