March 18, 2014

Big Brother Mzansi Highlights: Day 43

09:00 It's a beautiful day at the Big Brother Mzansi House. While MK takes his habitual nap in the hammock outside. Kat and Sol chat upstairs.
09:34 Loko and Poolie get ready for the day upstairs while Mandla and Kat have some morning conversation outside.
10:20 Mzamo is first up to go for the Nominations and openly pulls a dagger out on Lexi without blinking an eyelid. Citing that she is strong a contender. In addition, he pointed out that she is temperamental having been involved in the most fighting. Iris follows Mzamo's train and picks Lexi openly.
10:25 Mandla flips the script on Thando and throws her down the Eviction gallows. The heart break spread like a storm over her pretty face.
10:34 That awkward moment when Mandla, after stabbing her in the back, sat right besideThando.
10:37 It's Lexi's turn. She goes for Thando and Kat because things are beyond strainedbetween her and these two and the girls genera
10:53 Mandla of the House puts up Poolie. A refreshing change from the trending current.Thando is his second choice simply for reason that she's turned out, according to him, to be a sneaky mare on an unsuspecting Sunday night. Thando Nominates Mandla. Enough said.
11:14 Another moment, another game of Dominoes. The boys are back at the table to de-stress after an intense session of Nominations.
11:22 Mzamo reads the Arena Games and individual Immunity Challenge briefs for today.
11:35 There Sol goes again, all up in Kat's business, trying his luck with her... yet again.
11:47 Besties Loko and Kat practice their balance over a pair of logs for the Arena Games while MK tightens his core. Mandla opted to calm his mind first before his physical body.
12:30 The Arena Games are here and so the Housemates make their way into the Arena.
13:09 Team A takes the win for the Arena games while Lexi wins Immunity in a challenge based on balance. You go girl!.
13:14 Poolie takes Immunity to the dismay of MK who looks positively gutted at his loss.
13:26 Mandla and Iris do a victory dance in the Arena out of pure euphoria for winning the Task challenge.
13:39 Thando, Iris, Kat and new member of the 'gossip gang' Poolie once again sit upstairs and continue to gossip about Lexi. Can someone say sore losers?
 14:02 Kat expresses to Thando how the first thing she will do when she leaves the House is confront Jase. She also jokes and says that if things don't work out then she will holler at Lulo Cafe. Remember Kat, there is a very fine line between confidence and arrogance, do not let the latter get the better of you.
14:15 Big Brother Mzansi's resident couples decide to make themselves some lunch in the kitchen, looks like 'Poloko" and 'Mandlex' are on the same routine.
14:37 You can cut the tension with a knife as Kat and Lexi both prepare something to eat in the kitchen.
15:00 Sol enjoys some down time in in the jacuzzi, seems to have him in such a good mood he is even being civil to his arch-nemesis Thando.
15:07 Maybe we spoke too soon, things are getting tense between Thando and Sol, the good times are gone and now the claws have come out. These two are at each others throats. Again.
15:10 Ironic that Biggie would ask the Housemates to clean all the mirrors in the House. Maybe this will force the them to take a long, hard look at themselves.
15:29 Mandla and Lexi retreat upstairs to spend some quality time together.
16:01 Lexi gives Mandla a smooth hair cut. Not too bad looking Mandla!
16:33 As the Housemates enjoy an afternoon siesta, Big Brother snaps them out of their daze and banishes them to the garden.
16:58 It's a Monday and you know what that means, a storeroom packed to the edges with groceries and the things that they just cannot do without. Loko warns everyone off her weekly bottle of whisky. Does that girl have a liver of steel or what?
17:36 What's with Sol and Thando? These two can't stand each other. Really guys, can't you call it deuces perhaps?
18:01 Makeup, how do we get it right "girls"? Mzamo, Thando, Loko and Poolie are speaking about the best ways to put on makeup. Well, we know that Thando loves her makeup but we didn't know that this topic could be of interest to Poolie too. Hmmm...
18:33 Mandla and Lexi, need we say more? They are seriously melting our hearts.
18:54 Could the missing Lola effect be getting the best of MK right now? It's alright MK, everything will be ok. Find Thando or Iris, they will help you get over anything if not everything.
19:05 It looks like Loko and Kat are back together. Don't we just miss their crazy moments?
19:18 Poolie chew with your mouth closed please! Jase clearly left a legacy here.
19:40 Oops! Lexi is also guilty of bad chewing habits. At least she warned us in her profile video.
20:10 Is Mandla planning on rocking some makeup soon? He is taking tips from his other half, Lexi on how to apply blush and lipstick. Oh Mandla, that lipstick application by Thando was not enough hey?
20:39 Wifey Iris and hubby MK are bonding over cleaning. How sweet, we are so proud of you Iris and who said old habits die hard?
21:10 MK darling, we are really getting worried now. All the dish washing and silence just makes us think you really miss Lola.
21:30 It's time for the Nomination Show. What will happen tonight?

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