March 17, 2014

Big Brother Mzansi Highlights: Day 42

08:15 Last night, Lulo Cafe was in the House! He bumped the music and the Housemates were breaking it down as usual. The usual suspects broke it down in the best way, with Loko, Mzamoand MK even did a reenactment of their rhythmically perfect pantsula routine.

08:30 If you missed out on yesterdays party, check this out.

08:50 Today is Eviction day and the stakes are too high. Especially for Mandla since Lexi andSol are up for eviction. As you know he is very close to them both. We wonder what tonight will unfold for him.

09:11 Yesterday evening, Biggie presented the Housemates with the feisty Kuli Roberts. She blended in very well with the Housemates and she was even nice enough to wash dishes on their behalf.

It seems she was teaching them more about taking their chores seriously and we hope the Housemates will put more effort in keeping the House sparkly clean. Aah, how nice of you Kuli?

09:25 There we go, Thando is removing her weave. Hair today, gone tomorrow.

09:45 Did you just see the Thando and Lexi resemblance? Very epic!

09:51 "Getting my hair done makes me happy", says Thando for the second time this morning. Yes 'lady T', we understand exactly how you feel. Isn't it so ladies?

09:57 Lexi is going to get a weave done on her head and she said, "it will be the first time in her life".

10:59 Last chance to get your questions in for Da L.E.S. and AKA who are on the Live Show tonight, check out Twitter @BBMzansi and our Facebook page to post your questions.

11:23 MK, the gentleman of the House sleeps with a book by his head. *Swoon*, girls love a man with brains.

11:45 Thando has a weave on right, we think it looks great. Your thoughts?

12:17 Thando and Mzamo, are gossiping about Sol. The guy is apparently annoying and treats people with no respect because of his status as a public figure.

12:48 Mandla and his dilemma.

13:20 A little love under the covers Poloko? Easy like Sunday morning.

13:45 Missed out on Big Brother Mzansi this week? Here's a week packaged in one articlefor you.

14:25 Jase gets sentimental ahead of Eviction Night. Jase you should be used to this by now.

14:58 A conflicting concensus about Lexi'sweave, Mzansi.

15:24 Biggie asks Housemates to pack their bags. This got us thinking, if you had to pack your bags in a rush, what would be the one thing you'd never leave behind? Eviction is only three and a half hours away. Things are getting real

16:14 Say what you like about Kat, this girl never ceases to look like some kind of film star.

16:50 Nominations, Immunity Challenges, Save and Replace, it all gets confusing, other than we know for sure Mzamo is HoH, this should clear things up.

17:35 Can you believe it's been a week since Lola was evicted from the Big Brother House? It didn't take the prank-hating Housemate long to adapt to the outside world.

18:11 Jase and Lexi complete their Eviction Diary Sessions. Lexi looks stunning, like a Hawaiian hula dancer and thanks her fans for their support, she's being very philosophical tonight. Well done, Lexi.

18:28 Sol in the Diary Room, he's a little peeved with Mzamo for his Save and his replace choice, but that's the game, buddy.

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