March 16, 2014

Big Brother Mzansi Highlights: Day 41

8:30 Last night's Friday Game posed as a leap of faith. Biggie gave the Housemates an opportunity to earn some big cash. Thando and MMandla were so close but lost out on the sweetest wad of hard cash they could ever win if neither of them win the Big Brother Mzansi Game.

09:15 Look at Mandla working out like there’s no tomorrow. Determination is at a peak. Go Mandla, go, go , go Mandla!

09:30 Mzamo just so wishes that he was the one exercising. The envy on his face is just out there.

09:45 Who knew that Mandla had such a drive? The six-pack must definitely be on its way.

10:04 Mandla and Mzamo are sharing some exercising tips. They are so motivating right now.

10:20 Lexi is removing her braids. What a job it is. We wonder if she will be done before tonight's party.

11:37 Poor Thando is feeling bad about last night's loss during the Friday Night Game. She tells Mandla that she dreamed about the money she almost had.
12:37 Mzamo takes Thando for the HoH pamper sessions. Heck, Mzamo, with all your HoH wins you're going to leave the House looking like you've spent two months in a health spa.

13:11 Lexi, why? Mandla gets the lowdown on why she thinks he's too good for her. No, no, no, Lexi, you never tell a guy that.
13:50 Is everyone taking their weaves out this week? First Loko and now Lexi (with Mandla's help).

14:35 Thando has a little drizzle and says to Jase that after last night's antics she would be happy to voluntarily leave. Let's not be hasty Thando, love.

15:06 Tomorrow's Live Show is going to smoke! AKA and Da L.E.S. in the same place at the same time.
16:19 HoH Mzamo reads Lexi the riot act and suggests a change of attitude for her sake and for the sake of the House.

17:09 Thando and her 'son' Jase have been getting awfully cozy today...

17:15 Big Brother Mzansi fans, we have a celebrity going into the House for a Saturday night jol; who do you think it is? Start guessing using the hash tag #BBCelebrity.

17:39 Kuli Roberts in the Big Brother House
18:12 We knew you'd get excited, can you believe Kuli started cleaning the House?

19:26 The calm before the storm begins as the Housemates sit down to dinner with celebrity guest Kuli Roberts before things get tropical for their party/planned confrontation later. Look out Lexi.

19:38 Kat, Loko and Thando go to the bedroom after dinner to, you guessed it, gossip about Lexi.

20:12 With less than an hour to go before the Channel O party in the House, Housemates spend some time fluffing their feathers and getting ready to break it down to some Lulo Cafe in the company of the gorgeous Kuli Roberts.

21:00 Its time to party Mzansi! Lulo cafe is going to rip it up tonight, be sure to tune in and join in on the Channelo O party zone.

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