March 15, 2014

Big Brother Mzansi Highlights: Day 40

09:00 Considering their debaucherous behaviour last night, it was surprising to see how many of the Housemates still took part in this morning's workout session. Now it is time for a well-needed shower to wash away the sweat. While the ladies take a shower, Mandla decides to entertain once again by wearing a random pair of high-heels he finds in the lounge.

09:28 Cleanliness is closest to Godliness and it is refreshing to see the Housemates band together and clean the House up. Iris protests to washing the dishes, which gets on a few Housemates' nerves especially HoH Mzamo.
09:45 Today we hit the 100 000 mark on Facebook. Thanks so much for the love Mzansi!

10:28 Oh to be young and to feel love's keen sting. Mandla and Lexi play the fool in the bedroom while everyone else continues to clean the House. Sol confronts Kat about treating him coldly.

10:38 Mzamo is concerned about his weight. Iris thinks he's just being a 'liker' otherwise, he's okay maybe he can just trim his tummy. Have you seen how seriously he's been training with Jase?
11:15 It's time to choose the new Head of House. This time they have to put together the pieces of a puzzle. Who will nail this one?

11:30 True to the Housemates' concern, Mzamo bags the HoH once again after completing his puzzle in record time. This is his fourth HoH win!

11:50 Using the hash tag #BBHoH, tell us how you feel about Mzamo's win.

12:20 Gossip, gossip, gossip! Thando, Iris, Loko and Kat are gossiping about Lexi in the kitchen.

12:30 Following Biggie's directive, HoH Mzamo calls a House meeting. Jase is not feeling well so Mzamo allows him to stay in bed. He cautions his mates on taking care of the House supplies.

13:00 Everyone should know by now that Ringo Madlingozi is Mzamo's utmost favourite SA musician. He's beside himself with excitement as Biggie plays one Ringo tune after the other. "Ringo and I need to collaborate sometime this lifetime," Mzamo shouts.

13:15 Diary sessions commence with 'Sol of the House'. As usual, he blabbers on and on after Biggie asks him how he is doing. He has a lot to say about Mandlexi and on last night's booze fight.

13:30 Kat tells Biggie how excited she is about tonight's Friday Night Games. What we can predict is, there will be a lot of tears tonight.

13:45 Jase is still feeling a bit under the weather. He complains about his stinging eyes before Biggie decides to excuse him from Diaries. Maybe hearing that Kat would be hurt to see him go could help. Well, that was Kat's confession to Biggie.

14:00 Quotable quotes from the Diary sessions so far:

Sol: "I feel safe with Mzamo as Head of House".
Mzamo: "If they all leave then all the best."
Mzamo: "Either Sol or Mandla has to leave the game".
Kat: It would hurt to see him go," referring to Jase.
Lexi: "He could be HoH for the 17th time, it really wouldn't bother me," when asked about Mzamo's fourth HoH win.
Mzamo: "I'll find a way to get rid of Lexi. I will find a way".

14:44 Mandla is in the Diary room, elaborating on everything from the situation with Jase to 'getting warm' with his in House lover Lexi.

15:00 Thando and Iris are still feuding over their 'husband' MK during a game of dominoes. Biggie calls Loko to the Diary room where she immediately starts to unpack Lexi's strategy saying that it is becoming more and more "transparent". She also thinks that Lexi is playing Mandla which makes her sad.

15:16 MK is in the hot seat, he expresses his dismay at never being able to win HoH and tells Biggie that he is never really 'tuned in' on the day of HoH Task.

15:33 Its time for gossip girl Thando's Diary session and she defends her confidant Mzamo with all her might. She also says she envisages "a lot of drama" for this upcoming weekend festivities, she is also wearing a lovely shade of green today, hmmmmm could she be emulating what she's feeling inside?

15:52 Poolie goes into the Diary room and gives his opinion on the whole saga involving Jase and Mandla. He thinks that Jase has quite a short temper and is just one of those people that cant really take a joke.

16:13 The Housemates engage in a game of charades to diffuse the ongoing tension. Rather fitting don't you think?

16:16 If you are a true Big Brother Mzansi fan then tune into tonight's Friday night games to see everything turn into a dark, twisted fantasy of what the game once was. Biggie is about to turn things on their head.

16:50 Thando and Iris are at it again. Their obsession with MK is becoming a concern.

17:00 Are lighter girls prettier than darker girls? That's the bone of contention in the House right now. Iris says she votes for dark skinned girls any day.

17:39 Housemates are enjoying downtime in the garden, best they 'chill-ax' because Friday Night is about to get interesting.

18:12 Did you missed the afternoon Diary Sessions after the night that was?
18:48 Loko without her weave, short and gamine, we like it girl, smoking!

18:57 Dum, dum dum... Mzamo called to the Diary Room. Oops, false alarm, it's just GoPro time.

19:12 It looks like you are pretty hyped about the Friday Night Games.
19:47 And the 'jelly bum' debate rages again (Mandla so delicately put it to Lexi last Saturday that she has one of these). Eish, Mandla you will never live this one down.

20:05 Social media was all a Twitter with your views on he blossoming romance between Lexi and Mandla. Sol's convinced that Mandla used a 'love potion'on Lexi.

20:50 We know, we know! We're waiting too. Not long now! Keep getting involved using the hash tag #BBFridayNightGames

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