March 20, 2014

Big Brother Mzansi Highlights: Day 45

08:22 With it being Social Awareness Week, Big Brother gave the Housemates babies and little families to raise, and we all know child-rearing is no walk in park. New mothers Kat, Loko andIris didn’t get much shut-eye as their bundles of joy turned into wailing nightmares throughout the night.
08:40 Thando the nanny and Mzamo the reluctant parent, ask MK to sleep with the babies in the nursery tonight because they fear they might sleep through it all.
08:45 MK is doing well as a father. He is feeding and nursing his baby girl for breakfast this morning.
09:16 The three young mothers finally pull themselves out of bed and get on with the day.
09:26 MK opens up about a past relationship that fell through the cracks and Kat confesses that she sees marriage on the horizon for herself soon.
09:35 This morning, Sol schools those who'll listen about the history of gangs around the world. He focuses on how gangs originated from the Italian Mafia.
10:20 Loko comes out in a figure hugging number as the Housemates talk memorable South African beauty queens.
11:10 Mzamo and Loko are adamant that they won't let fame get to their heads when they leave the House.
11:55 Sol does what he does best and bites Mandla's ear on pop culture and South African music. Lexi radiating innocence in her red number and pig tails this morning. Today's Task is read in.
12:55 Mzansi, we want to know what social issues are closest to your heart. We will share the most important ones in an article with your voice! Visit our Facebook Page or visit our Twitter timeline, and use the hash tag #BBSocialAwareness
13:18 How much do you know about what Housemates' body language is revealing? You wouldn't believe it. Check this out.
13:46 Big Brother surprises the Housemates with the most adorable nursery. The new mothers are thrown straight into their first nappy change.
15:00 "Mzamo is not taking to parenthood like a duck to water," according to Iris in her Diary Session.
15:48 Mzamo and Loko engage in a profound conversation with Biggie about human rights and working parents.
16:04 Mandla confesses to finding it hard to give his affections to a doll when he has a real child out there. He and Lexi have named thier child Alexis Christina because the name has a sentimental meaning to Lexi.
16:39 Lexi knows that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach.
18:08 Lexi and Mandla argue over baby Alexis Christina's upbringing. Well at least they're getting all this out the way before they deal with the real maccoy.
18:31 The Housemates get comfortable and rehearse their Talk Show for Task presentation tomorrow. Things are getting a bit heated with both Mzamo and Thando in the hot seat.
18:51 After much debate and heated words, the Housemates appear to be making progress on their Talk Show. Lexi is getting fully involved and everyone is being accommodating towards her but, both Mzamo and Loko are quite tenacious and insist that things go their way.
18:58 Thank goodness Biggie is bumping up the music. Hopefully this will be the catalyst for diffusing the tension shrouding the Talk Show decisions. Kat goes crazy as AKA's 'Jealousy' starts playing.
19:46 The Talk Show antics continue. However, in between babies crying and Housemates power-tripping, they seem to be making progress. They will have to put their differences aside if they want to win that 100 percent Wager.
20:03 While some of the Housemates are still stuck on arguing about the Talk Show, the others are in the nursery being good parents and nurturing their pseudo-children.
20:35 Biggie gives the Housemates yet another Task for Social Awareness Week. They will have to come up with a comedy sketch. The Housemates much enact a family watching TV and then switch over to the advert and present their campaign in the form of a TV advert.
21:00 Wow, the Housemates decide to drink while on parent duty! They all pour themselves a glass of wine and then attempt to feed their babies. Mandla, always the character, decides to even eat some his baby's food. Hopefully they still win the Wager after all of this tomfoolery.
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