March 14, 2014

Big Brother Mzansi Highlights: Day 39

08:00 A good morning exercise routine for the Housemates. Iris is missing out as she watches from a distance, she looks like she feels like jumping in.

09:03 Beautiful music, compliments from Biggie and Mzamo is grooving to the sounds. What a great morning!

09:20 Jase and Poolie have been trouble boys lately. They are up to something big. What do you think?

09:43 Housemates are instructed to remain in the garden until further notice. We wonder what Biggie has in store for them today.
09:51 Mandla putting all the extra work. He is certainly determined to get that six pack. Lexi is surely proud of her man.

10:15 Another gossiping Session in the House. Mzamo and Thando are on it, they are gossiping about the Housemates. Really, if gossiping paid, they would be supper rich by now.

10:38 "Don't give me an attitude, I just need good service!" Housemates talk about the rules for good customer service.

11:03 Kat and Iris can't wait for the next day. Why? Because they love the Friday Games. Here it is Biggie; the girls love your Game.

11:13 HoH Mzamo is summoned to the Diary Room. We wonder what Biggie has for him.

11:20 Dominos again; well everyday. Poolie, Mzamo, MK, Iris and Loko are playing the game. We think they are addicted. Don't you think so?

12:03 Cake is happiness! Today, Housemates will be creating a culinary masterpiece using cake.hmmm tasty.

12:33 Cake is best served when it's delicious. The Housemates are busy with their Task.

12:45 The Housemates split up into two teams. It's boys versus girls. Interesting. Who will be the cake master?

13:00 The boys cake is not looking bad at all. True master chefs in the making.

13:15 Familiar with the saying that goes, "the kitchen is a woman's place"? The girls are busy with their pink cake. Looking good girls.

13:40 It seems that Lexi is still intimidated by Iris. She says Iris thinks she is Mandla's type. Lexi, don't you think you should relax now? Well, Mandla is all yours.
13:45 It's Statue Task time! Zombies and darkness. Housemates look scared.

14:00 Mzamo and Jase want to laugh and they are doing their best to contain their laughs. It looks like they are not scared of dead people (Zombies).

14:40 "I didn't call you a pig', says SSol to Iris. Iris is mad and can't stop arguing with Sol. She wants an apology from him.

14:52 Poolie is in the Diary Room for his Session. He says Thando is very logical and thinksSol is the opposite.

15:04 In her Diary Session, Kat tells Biggie that she would have been very scared if the Zombie Statue Task happened in the morning, when they were waking up.

15:20 In his Diary Session, Mzamo says his favourite dish is rice and beef curry. Now we know that Mzamo seriously loves his food.

15:40 Sol in his Diary Session, says he believes that Iris is a pathological liar. He also adds that Kgosi had mentioned this before.

16:00 MK is certain that he is actually the most logical person in the House. He can't even think of anyone else, but gives Mzamo a slight nod too.

16:15 Mzamo, Thando and Iris talk about crushes. "It's so hard cause you're like, why am I not your world?" Mzamo says.

16:20 Lexi says counts the number of things that irritate her about some Housemates. Such a long list! Thando and Mzamo top her list.

16:30 Lexi breaks down in the Diary Room after talking about her favourite meal that her late mom used to cook her.

19:30 Big Brother's artists showcase their graffiti mood board and their individual paintings. Boy did the Housemates feel inspired.
19:40 Lokospeaks us through her rendition of mother nature in a painting of a pregnant mother of the soul while Iris carries us through her journey from dark waters to the sunshine.

After giving their all to the Task, the Housemates earn a well-deserved Wager win. Two week spell broken.BOOM!

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