March 13, 2014

Big Brother Mzansi Highlights: Day 38

08:00 Whew! What a work out. All that running up stairs, squatting, lunging; the Housemates sure got their muscles ripped and conditioned. Caz, the instructor gave this bunch a run for their money.
08:11 The morning exercise seems to be the area where Jase excels. The chiseled lad could be seen pushing press up with his legs suspended on the in the middle of the air. What!? His long lost lover Kat, on the other end of the stairs just couldn’t take the workout as she sits upstairs waiting for Caz to leave. It was no surprise when Sol also made that duck. No pain no gain guys!
09:02 Mandlexi also get their morning loving in, in the next room while reconnected besties Thando and Mzamo sit down for their early morning chat about everything profound and otherwise.
09:27 The Housemates dive back under covers after all that sweating from their workout. We'll blame it on the gloomy weather.
09:46 Mzamo and Thando talk branding and what it takes for South African celebrities to get a worthwhile endorsement.
10:31 After a stellar performance on the Big Brother Mzansi stage this past Sunday, Cassper Nyovest, 'Gusheshe' hit is reportedly going to be used as the soundtrack for a popular brand beverage abroad. Well done brother!
11:08 Thando and Mzamo give each other the meanest, most intense smokey eye. For those of you don't know, this is black on black eye make up that gives off a super intense effect drawing attention to the eye.
11:39 Some of the Housemates get up to do some cleaning. Mzamo leads them with Biggie blasting music to his ears.
12:18 It's getting arty in the House today.
14:21 Jase is asking Kat for another chance. Say what? Like huh? Didn't he just say in the Diary Session that he wanted no part of a relationship? Are you as confused as we are?
15:48 MK has just left the Diary Room, and it got us thinking... doesn't he look like this? Don't you want to just pick him up and cuddle him? We just want to love him and keep him around.
16:57 Kat and Jase are going to have a talk tonight. Bleugh, don't you hate it when someone says, "we need to talk".
18:30 MK's love triangles, Kat, Jase and Sol's love circles and 'Poloko'. It's all happening!
19:15 Our Iris doesn't mince her words, tell it like it is girl! Mzamo, you listening?
20:11 Iris and Kat take it upon themselves to cook dinner for the House while Loko puts the finishing touches onto the sculpture outside.
20:24 Jase and Mzamo are taking their work out very seriously this evening. The fresh faced cutey is definitely providing us with some eye-candy with his decision to work it out topless.
21:02 Oh Thando, when will you learn that gossiping just lands you in hot water! Once again the Queen of talking smack hops on that train and this time her unknowing victim is her new arch enemy Lexi.
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