March 13, 2014

Big Brother Mzansi Highlights: Day 37

09:00 After a serious workout, while some of the Housemates go back to sleep, most of the Housemates prepare for the day ahead. Bed making, kitchen cleaning and showering are the order of the day.
09:30 It seems that there is a thief in the House, Loko and Poolie are both looking for missing items in the House.
09:56 Wakey wakey! Eggs and bakey! While pseudo-couples Poolie and Loko, MK and Iris go straight back to bed. Mzamo, Kat, Jase and Mandla make some delicious breakfast in the kitchen. Biggie bumps some extra juicy music this morning to try and get the Housemates moving.
11:15 The Task brief is in and the Housemates learn that it's Art week. They will work on various Art pieces in their own workshop, which will culminate in an Art Gallery on Thursday night.
11:30 Considering their past two consecutive losses, they go for a safe 75 percent.
11:40 Just as HoH Mzamo prepares to read out the first Task in the bedroom, Thando mistakenly sits on Iris' hurt foot. Is this a curse Thando?
11:50 Clay-sculpting and molding is the first order of business today. In two groups, the Housemates must mold their impression of Big Brother. They will present their sculptures on Thursday evening.
13:00 Wet and sticky hands are at play as the impersonation of Big Brother comes to life in the House. Should they or should they not use Kgosi's hair?
14:20 Kitty-Kat in the Diary Room and Biggie drops a (nuclear) bomb and mentions maybe, just maybe more than one or two Housemates will be leaving the House.
14:35 Mandla of the House in the Diary Room, dum, dum, dum..."Lexi, I'm falling for her."
15:00 Iris's foot takes another pounding, from Thando, umm, on purpose by mistake?
15:40 Sol of the House in the House in the Diary Room, you know what this means... Did you see this video of Sol-in-the-House last night? LOLs, lots of them, a man possessed.
16:28 We can't even say if this is a true interpretation of the Bigster. Do you think he looks like this?
17:18 Missed today's Diary Sessions? Look no further, mixed feelings about the Friday Night Games it seems.
17:50 It's Banksy time for the Housemates. Graffiti / graffito, Biggie gets Housemates to spray paint a 'House' themed wall for tonight's Task 'cause this week is all about art.
20:15 It is said that nothing lasts forever. What do you think? A conversation about the relevance of artists in the music industry is taking place in the lounge.
21:12 Jase is giving Mzamo some exercising tips together with health tips. Mzamo is impressed with the tips.
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