March 11, 2014

Big Brother Mzansi Highlights: Day 36

08:00 At the crack of dawn, recently Evicted Housemate, Lola was hitting the airwaves with the gorgeous Miss Kuli Roberts.
 08:30 The Housemates wake up to the HoH Task. Remember Biggie had to postpone it on Friday after MK revealed that he had done the proposed Task before?

08:39 This time, it's a game of chance. Blindfolded, the Housemates must rummage through a sack with different coloured balls. Whoever gets the red ball, moves to the next round. Iris, Sol, Jase, Lexi, Poolie, Mandla and Mzamo are still in the running.

08:50 Mzamo, Lexi and Mzamo are the last three standing and well, it's Mzamo who gets the crown. Third time!

09:30 That moment when Mandla asks Kat; "Who do you wanna do?" when she says there's so much she still has to do in the House before she can leave. Kat blushes before responding; "There's no one I wanna do in this House."

09:50 The Housemates seem to be in a good mood this morning. Everything is being turned into a song.

10:20 Thando dares Sol to 'not be himself just for one day'. "Maybe I should start by kissing you 'cause that's the last thing I'd want to do," Sol suggests.

10:35 Is this a joke or are Iris and Thando really into MK? Thando more explicitly now that her friend Lola is gone?

10:47 They obviously didn't learn their lesson the first time because Jase and Thando continue to sit outside and gossip as well as attempting to lure a white cat into the garden. Kat and Loko are back again with their flair for accents, choosing a thick American accent to throw around just for some flavour with Sol and Poolie.

11:22 Thando and her little cuddles rise from slumber strait into her Nomination session. She pulls her daggers out for Lexi, citing her to be manipulative and a user. She also puts up Sol for thinking he's in control.

11:25 Amidst the Nomination sessions, Mzamo tells Lexi and Thando of his dish-washing roster. "I'm not doing dishes. I'll just wash the ones I use," Lexi says.

11:30 Poolie puts up Mandla because he doesn't get along with him. Kat because she's playing the game well. HoH Mzamo goes for lovers Lexi and Mandla. Lexi for being difficult to live with and Mandla because he's never been up for Eviction.

11:40 Jase stones Lexi and Sol. "We just don't see eye to eye in most issues," Jase said of Sol. Kat nails her former flame, Jase for changing towards her. She also places Thando for being a snake.

11:50 As Nominations proceed! MK stabs Lexi for being selfish and involved in most of the fights. He also places Jase for not being a team player.

12:00 Lexi puts up Thando for being dishonest, fake and a trouble-maker. She also places Jase because she doesn't click with him. Sol calls Jase a liar and adds Lexi to the mix.

12:05 Iris also goes for Lexi because she doesn't feel safe around her especially following her tantrums over the weekend. She says she's not close to Jase and pushes him under the bus. Mandla strikes Jase as the biggest threat to his game. He closes it off with Thando whom he feels is leading an attack against Lexi. "And I don't like it," he adds.
 12:13 Lexi seems hurt as she lies on the couch after Nominations. Six of the 11 Housemates Nominated her openly. Three openly put up Jase and the rest went for Mandla. "If I'm here for another week, I'll be surprised," she confides in her man.

12:30 HoH Mzamo reads out today's Arena Games brief. It involves paint and water so Housemates must dress appropriately. Mzamo chooses Poolie, Mandla, Lexi and Thando to be in his team.

12:50 There's a bird in the House and Iris is terrified. She cries hysterically as it flies uncontrollably around the lounge. At least she has MK by her side!

13:20 The teams battle it out in the Arena with their feet strapped to planks, they must race against each other. Was that Sol falling?

13:35 Big Brother announces that Team A is the winning team for this week's Arena Challenge. Next is the Individual Immunity Challenge!

13:50 The Individual Immunity Challenge kicks off with Poolie and Lexi.

14:06 Estranged couple Jase and Kat go head to head during the Immunity Challenge in the Arena. It looks like Jase is taking it for the boys

14:14 Loko seems to have outcrawled Lexi taking Immunity for the girls and for the boys Mandla bags it again.

15:00 MK says the Eviction tension is getting to everyone in the House. Mzamo agrees.

15:25 Mandla and Lexi lie in bed discussing the Immunity Challenge.

16:00 Jase has been going through the paces with his exercise routine outside. He's sweating profusely right now

16:40 MK and Mandla wonder how it would be like if Biggie would speak to them in vernacular in the Diary Room. "It's time I learned other SA languages," MK says.

16:50 MK confides in Mandla about losing Lola to Evictions. He says nothing could have prepared him for what he felt last night.

17:00 Sol says he can't wait to be a dad. Mzamo says toddlers are easier to manage than babies because you never know what they want when they cry.

17:23 MK and his second wife Iris seem to have entered into troubled waters since Lola left their little polygamous union. They could be seen arguing over their case when Iris accused him of cheating and MK would have none of it.

17:47 Thando calls MK on his behaviour towards Biggie. Has anyone noticed how the Mr Wiseguy address Biggie as his equal? The nerve!

17:58 Mzamo, MK, Thando and Sol are keeping themselves busy by playing the dominoes game. One wrong move in dominoes will send you straight to the bone yard!

18:15 What's happening in Biggie's House? It has turned to lala land. Poolie, Jase, Iris and Kat are sleeping like babies.

18:45 Mommy Kat is busy in the kitchen unpacking groceries. No wonder why she gets all the good compliments from the guys. We agree 'she is every woman'

19:30 Anticipation is going around about HoH Mzamo's Save and Replace which is to happen tonight. Who do you want him to Save and Replace? Join the conversation on twitter by using #BBSwap.

19:45 Mandla and Lexi are talking about an interesting topic about being star-struck.
20:15 Sol is super excited when a song he requested plays. Oh Sol, he can be something else at times.

20:35 Don't miss the Live Nominations Show in exactly an hour! It's on #Mzansimagic DStv channel 161. The conversation is still on about who Mzamo will Save and Replace tonight.#BBSwap

20:48 Pillow talk is essential, it strengthens a relationship. Mandla and Lexi are a perfect example.

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