March 09, 2014

Big Brother Mzansi Highlights: Day 35

08:30 There is too much drama in Biggie's House and it seems that as days go by it gets even worse. Last night Lexi lashed out Thando and Lola. It was her birthday party after all and she got a wild surprise.
08:45 Lexi threatened to leave last night. Watch video on our website, Big Brother Mzansi.
09:38 Cassper Nyovest on the Big Brother Live Show tonight. We want your questions for the man, check out Facebook and Twitter!
10:20 In the event you missed last night's drama, check out the video below; screaming matches, Shap Shaps, bottle breaking.
10:53 It's Eviction night tonight and Housemates want to look their best (and could use some pampering after last night's drama. Hairdressers pimp and preen to give Housemates that 'salon' look.
11:22 First 'Mandlex' and now Loko and Poolie? What do you think's going on here?
12:02 The morning after the night before; Lexi and Mandla's night in heaven?
12:39 We'll speak about something else next we promise, but did watch Lexi's awesome private dance video.
13:24 Missed out on some of the best moments of this week's Big Brother action? Check this out, everything you need to know about your Housemates in one little article.
14:15 It's Eviction night tonight...Housemates spend the last morning snuggling, cleaning and getting pampered; like we all should.
14:39 Don't all choke at once, it's Mandla gone all topsy-turvy. The walking-torso dons a shirt and no shorts. Will the combination of a fully dressed Mandla ever make an appearance?
15:01 We asked you for your Housemate look-a-like photos, so far they have been amazing! Keep them coming.
16:50 Lexi receives a Strike from Big Brother for smashing a bottle last night, this is in direct contravention of Big Brother's rules, You are not to put your fellow Housemates in danger
17:27 After Big Brother issued Lexi her first Strike, gossip queens Thando and Lola scamper upstairs for a delicious session of skinnering. They both fund it amusing that Lexi was the one who received a Strike.
18:17 Mandlexi are inseparable today and with Mandla by her side nothing can faze the platinum haired lass.
20:24 After everything was said and done it was Lola's turn to walk the ramp and be the second Housemates to be Evicted. Moments later a carefree Kat and Loko can be seen dancing to some gospel music in the kitchen. They must be thanking their lucky stars.
20:36 It's our new favourite time again; bed time for Mandlexi while Iris tries to console a distraught MK after Lola's exit.
20:40 Mzamo interviews Thando over mock interview and she sends a shout out to her twin Lola now on the outside. The show must go on. May the odds be forever in their favour.
20:48 Besties Kat and Loko share a teary moment as friends do. They are both just over the moon that Kat is still safe for now because boy was that close. little do they know, however, that Kat won the polls by a landslide.
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