March 09, 2014

Big Brother Mzansi Highlights: Day 34

01:04 The Housemates sing Lexi into her birthday. Looking good and sailing smoothing into her late twenties

08:08 Breakfast in bed for the birthday girl, love Mandla. But Lexi is enjoying a late morning in.

08:22 Mandla and Sol talk strategy over a couple of dirty dishes this morning following the messages from home.

08:34 Housemates are sleeping in this morning.

08:37 Mandla and Sol carry on the interesting conversation about all the exposes that took place yesterday

08:55 Sol gets candid with Mandla about his relationship with Kat and the situation with Jase now receding further into the background.

09:29 The mood is a sombre one in the House after last night double wammy! Big Brother told the Housemates that in order to retrieve messages from home they would have to give up a dossier of their Secret gossip sessions either amongst each other or with Biggie in the Diary Room.

10:13 It's seems after an emotional moment of engaging with his grandmother Sol has retreated into a more domesticated version of himself this morning.

10:49 After soaking her laundry in the tub Loko blows off some steam in a cup off freshly brewed coffee.

11:11 The Housemates discuss the revolution of music as they settle down for their morning coffee in the garden. Did you know that Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder grew out of the Motown movement in the 1950's?

11:19 Sol is in line for a massage reward as this weeks as Head of House. He chooses Loko as his partner. It's a surprise he didn't go with Kat and she must be registering the surprise too. It turns out, though, that Kat asked Sol to take Loko on her behalf.

11:27 Sol and Loko talk about family and home and they express to each other how much they each miss their grandmothers.

11:40 Mandlexi get their cosy morning moment but it ends in a bit of a slip and dive when Mandla makes an unsavory remark about her body. A wounded Lexi storms off after tuning him where to get off and direct such a remark to the likes of Thando.

11:59 Lexi gives Mandla a hard time. His profuse apologies seem to come in the one ear and out the other ear. After labouring away at the her she finally seems to be softening up. She also tells him that she was never his 'mother' as it was in said during the WeChat sessions.

12:45 It's that time again. The Housemates get to playing a game of dominoes. They comment on the fact that the deeper they get into the game the harder it becomes to like people,let alone trust them.

13:13 Mandla manages to extract a giggle out of Lexiwhile MK helps a limping Iris up the stairs. Drama rama!
13:22 Thembi Seete comes around for champagne and cakes just to wish Lexi a happy birthday. Lexi has never seemed happier.

13:48 Thembi tells the story of how she met up with Lebo Mathosa and how the legendary Boom Shaka came into existence back in the 1990's. They ask the big question; what are the exact words in her verse of their hit single 'Its about time'?

14:16 All good things come to an end and it's time for Thembi Seete to bid the birthday girl farewell. She walks around the House personally saying goodbye to each Housemates. What a lovely gal
14:46 Did you miss the moment Thembi got Lexified when she walked into the Big Brother House?

16:15 Saturday afternoons means dominoes for the boys. Mzamo, Jase, Poolie and Sol. Funny how routine has kicked in.

17:07 It's Eviction night tomorrow, which means one more sleep till the House loses another Mate. Confused about nominations? Look no further!

18:02 Poolie and Loko were under the covers... now what went on here?
18:45 Umm wow, birthday girl Lexi, this is apparently her idea of an 'advert'for Mandla's spaza shop, the man will have to padlock his shop doors.

19:20 It's the third in the look-a-like trilogy. We want you to send in your look-a-likes, but of our Big Brother Mzansi Housemates! Post your pics on Twitter usung the hash tag #BBLookalikes. The best ones will be published!

20:28 Tonight is definitely going to be a good one! All the Housemates are gearing up to celebrate the infamous sexy Lexi's Birthday at the Channel O party. All of them are getting all swagged out for this one so be sure to watch this space.

20:32 Biggie announces that the Housemates have 30 minutes to get ready for the party.

20:47 Looks like Lexi is ready to get her birthday swag on, donning aBeyonce 'Single ladies' style black one piece. She looks simmering.

21:00 Housemates get word from Biggie that the party has officially started! Let's get ready to sit back and see fire. Happy Saturday!

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