March 13, 2014

Big Brother develops an Online game for you the fans

Big Brother has developed a new online game for you to play!

In this game you get the chance to become a Big Brother Housemate and play in the real time against another Big Brother fan or computer opponent.

There are six of your favourite Big Brother housemates in the House with you and your goal is to earn points by being connected to (next to) as many Housemates as possible.

But be warned - Housemates on their own without any connections will be Evicted and out of the game!

The game
In this game, you virtually enter the Big Brother House. You enter together with the friend you are playing against - or a computer opponent in single player mode. There are also six other Big Brother Housemates. By making connections to other Housemates, you earn points.Points that will make you win the game. But…

If you become disconnected from everyone, you are Voted out of the House and you lose the game.

How the game is played
• On a 6 by 6 squared board.
• You and your online opponent (or computer) are in the middle.
• Six other Big Brother Housemates are randomly placed.
• Each turn you have to move yourself and one of the Housemates 1 square
• You can move horizontal, vertical or diagonal.
• Housemate can only be moves ones per round (A-B)
• After both players made their moves we check if someone (a player or a BBH) is all alone (not connected to any other player or BBH)
• If it is a BBH: we take him off the board
• If it is a player: The other player wins. Game over
• The number of connections each player has equal the points they get.
• Each turn another player starts: A-B, B-A, A-B, B-A
• Randomly Mystery boxes will appear. Moving on its square will give you either 3 extra points, the ability to move a housemate anywhere you like or it will reset all scores to zero.
• The game ends:
• If one player is played off the board.
• If all but 2 BBH’s are played off. The one with the most points wins.

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