March 06, 2014

Big Brother slams conspiracy

It was all fun, games, shimmying and frolicking about in preparation for tonight’s Task Presentation when the stern drone of Big Brother came, once again, towering over the House.

The dancing bunch were caught off guard when Biggie demanded their immediate and undivided attention because there was something he had to say.

With their nerves shot in a piercing silence Big Brother had issue to raise with an earlier incident in which Thando, Jase and Lola could be heard shiftily discussing some or other kind of strategy of how to approach nominations this week.

Big Brother wasted no time, pulled out his rule book and read the Conspiracy clause out to the Housemates.

After reminding the Housemates generally and the treacherous trio specifically he proceeded to issue a strike each to Jase, Lola and Thando for infringing this rule when they had been warned against scheming time and again.

He informed the House that viewers on the outside had seen the incident and assured them that they were under constant scrutiny, by both Big Brother and the viewers; there was no fooling him.

A dejected bunch Jase, Thando and Lola looked downcast and embarrassed like rascally toddlers who’d been caught behaving badly and given a spanking.
We hope all that gossip had been finally put to rest.

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