March 01, 2014

Beauty queen Kat is currently running the game

In the first place you make an effort and get the young and gorgeous Jase to become utterly infatuated with you, then when you’ve got him hook, line and sinker you start to get fresh with the likes of Mandla, Sol and even YOUR BBM bestie’s man Poolie.

Should we say that Kat just a radical flirt who loves attention from men or is this all part of her plan to try and win the million?

Currently things appear to be back on with her and the besotted loverboy Jase, who even chose her as his partner to share in the HoH reward of a decadent massage and facial but Kat is clever and she is already plotting her next move to make sure she is not leaving anytime soon.

The DJ Sol has won the ‘Kat magnet’ aka Head of House, she has already hopped on that train, becoming more and more flirtatious with him and even sharing in a kiss when Jase was out of sight .
It seems that she knows just where her bread is buttered, still keeping things going with her young lover (who is still currently HoH) but not forgetting to have her next Big Brother Mzansi staying card waiting in the wings.

Does she even have feelings for either of these guys or is it all an act to ensure that her name never comes up in the same sentence as the word ‘replace’?

And even though her actions are outwardly cut-throat, it is a game after all and she is just using her resources to ensure that she stands a chance of winning.

There is a cool million at stake here after all and if Miss Kat continues to play the resident flirt with the guys that win HoH, she will more than likely last a lot longer than others.
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