March 06, 2014

Anticipation Pain and enthusiasm

Today’s Diary Sessions yielded better results and greater optimism regardless of the painful cries that were uninspiring and unneeded in the House.

Tonight we’ll be seeing the Housemates wiggle their bodies in a quest to impress Biggie and the whole of Mzansi. We hope they render a stellar performance!

During their Diary sessions, the Housemates felt that they were ready to take on the Dance routines and were positive that they would win their Wager tonight.

However, as the saying goes; ‘No pain, no gain’, the Housemates have experienced the full wrath of full time dancing. Amidst all the enthusiasm were aches and pains, which saw every second Housemate begging Biggie for muscle rub.

The bubbly Iris was rather gloomy as she told Biggie about her aching ankle, which has resulted in her assuming the role of narrator for the task Presentation.

As if the physical pain was not enough, the Housemates expressed that they can’t help worrying about the impending Evictions on Sunday but made mention of the ray of sunshine in the form of Lexi's birthday on Saturday.

Meanwhile, MK and Loko said they were confident that they still had at least another week in the House. Actually, MK has faith that he’ll make it to the end.

The days are drawing closer we must say. Question is who seems to be falling to deep in the midst of darkness?
It’s evident enough that alliances are maturing and conspiracies are at an utmost high.

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