March 31, 2014

A very long way it has been for Iris

With Mandlexi and Poloko now dismantled, perhaps we need to take a look at the lone-ranger who completed this week's Nominated Housemates, Iris.

As the last standing Chambermate, it was no shock for the busty model to fall to her feet when the news of her survival from the dagger was revealed. Clad in a gold number, Iris was visibly grateful and couldn't believe her ears.

After seeing her former Chambermates fall one by one from the game, Iris was lucky enough to find solace in her all-girl group, Lokiris. The 'band' has had its fair share of issues, especially during Travel Week when its ringleader, Kat took a sabbatical to Suite 501.

What with Iris having also lost her two friends, Mzamo and Thando to Evictions? By her own admittance, it was just too much for her.

Iris stood out like a baby in a bar at midnight as Loko snuggled with Poolie, Mandla with Lexi and well, MK made Biggie's Guest, Emmett feel at home.

There was no doubt that the chips were down but upon her buddy Kat's return, she managed to pull her out of her rut and reminded her why she was in the game.

Iris has certainly played her part in the game and it has really been quite a journey for her. Not much love from MK but the two have been quite tight, lest for Thando standing in the way and most recently, her bestie Kat.

One thing is certain though, the final week in the game will see Lokiris at its best. Loko no longer has Poolie and she has already started spending more time with the girls.

We wonder if Kat will continue pursuing Mandla, now that Lexi is out of the picture? As for the serial soccer-star dater, nothing else could have inflated her ego more.

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