February 15, 2014

The girls face the strikes

There’s actually no body that can take loosing a game very lightly rather it’s very heartbreaking and no one takes defeat easily. 

At least the ladies in the house know that very well. Last evening the ladies in the house were put to test in their second Friday night game however things turned out the wrong way. In their test, the ladies were supposed to match the boy’s secrets in which they had only only 90 seconds to have a short discussion amongst themselves. 

First in line to match the first secret was Vanessa and she got the first answer right. The second girl to be called was Loko and she also got the answer right.

However things got very heated when Kat was up to represent her fellow girls in matching the boys secret of "I am a Britney Spears fan". Kat said it was Kgosi's secret which was totally wrong.

She then said it was Mzamo's which was also wrong. Initially the girls had two strikes and the game was getting very tough because they running out of chances.

Finally Big Brother gave the girls a last chance which Kat also got wrong when she said it belonged to Jase which was also wrong Unfortunately it was the end for the girls and they received their third strike.

They are now all up for eviction and they seem to be battling to accept that they lost. The boys were all in celebration and they had a sweet 

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