February 04, 2014

Paris 23, Student, Music Producer from Johannesburg


Paris is a student, music producer, artist and a part-time model from Johannesburg. The 23-year-old is currently studying Marketing and is in his third year of studies. He describes himself as outgoing, sociable, funny, elegant and interesting. He says spending quality time with his loved ones, especially his girlfriend makes him happy but he dislikes it when he his is undermined and when he is spoken about negatively behind his back. 

He says that one of the achievements he is most proud of is being regarded as one of the best dressed men in a Joburg style competition. Paris speaks English and Zulu as well as a bit of Tswana and Afrikaans. On Big Brother Mzansi he expects to see ‘sexy gorgeous women, other interesting individuals and entertaining activities‘ and considers himself as extremely confident and a trend setter. If he wins he’d invest the money in a local entertainment business, extend his mother’s house and build his own.

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