February 04, 2014

Nku 29, PR Consultant from Durban


Nku who now lives in Johannesburg, describes herself as free-spirited, smart, sexy and driven. Her bad habit is eating junk and not exercising. The PR Consultant says prosperity makes her happy and she dislikes waiting and people disrespecting time. She is most proud of starting her own magazine called Verb when she was at university 

Her hidden talent is that she can twirl a baton and she loves Rihanna and Lebo Mathosa. Nku says the best advice she’s ever received is “all people are self-serving. It’s human nature to think of yourself first so why shouldn’t I do the same”? 

She is participating in Big Brother Mzansi because the popularity she would gain would help her build a media career after she leaves the house. Nku says her family will be shocked to see her on Big Brother Mzansi. Nku is also an animal activist and says if she does win, she will go on holiday. Most importantly she wants audiences to know that she is way smarter than she looks.

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