February 16, 2014

Kgosi makes a move on Loko but fails

Today in the morning Kgosi and beauty queen Loko did get cosy while in the garden and it looks like Kgosi is quickly losing his mojo.We all know that he is not such a player after all because his score is at zero at this point.

At first he was very smooth with his words just like he has always been, however he then made a very wrong move as he tried to get a kiss from Loko. The lad leaned towards Loko but she didn't lean on him as well.

Probably Loko felt like she was being targeted at that moment, she looked skeptical and it was as if she was trying to figure out what Kgosi's game might be.

And with no doubt, Kgosi was trying very hard but because he miscalculated his moves, he felt very ashamed indeed.

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