February 12, 2014

Kgosi and Mandla killed it off with their broken English

Despite the fact that English is a foreign language, many people emphasize speaking English in that they even reach an extent of laughing at those who speak wrong or broken English.

Just today, Mandla and Kgosi decided to speak some broken English in one of their latest task where they were security guards.
Mandla bragged to one of the Housemates "my wife she is on the body," meaning that 'his wife' is pregnant and when asked if he was on shift, Mandla responded "I'm not shifting, I'm standing."

Who ever thought watching people do their work would be this fun though? Even Kgosi who seemed to be Mr Cool for the longest time in the game was in his element, insisting on "killing this bananas," to emphasise just how many of them they would eat them.

"This is sexual embarrassment, I will arrestment you", Mandla warned one Housemate at some point. This was obviously between Kgosi's constant referral to Mandla as "she and her".

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