February 04, 2014

Kgosi 25, Aspiring Filmmaker from Hartebeespoort


Kgosi describes himself as passionate and honest and he likes it when people are being nice to other. Kgosi dislikes lies, unprofessional people and apathy and his best advice has come from friends who have said: “live in the now”. Kgosi plays soccer and the guitar, piano and bongo drums. He enjoys ‘making things and writing’ and long conversations.

He’s passionate “about global awareness” and says his bad habits are smoking and if he could visit one place in the whole world it would be Hawaii.
If he wins he says: “I will disappear somewhere and go and write incredible stories.” He says audiences should watch him because he thinks he brings out the best in people. Kgosi is expecting the show to be a personal journey of self-reflection and is hoping to have some life changing conversations and to make good friends.

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