February 17, 2014

Jase and Kat get intimate

The Big Brother Mzansi love birds Jase and Kat were having a good time on bed when they decided to speak about their relationship. Jase opened up to his lady love that he felt very sad when he had a feeling that she was angry at him.

However Kat just told her man that he looks gorgeous and that when he gets out of the house, girls will go crazy for him. She was also concerned that Jase might forget all that is happening between him and her when he's out of Big Brother Mzansi house.

On the other hand Jase told his lady love that he immediately fell in love with her the very first time he saw her, he also asked her whether they would continue with their relationship outside the house.

In her response, Kat wasn't clear as she spoke with mixed emotions, "lets see what happens", she said.

Do you think these two lovebirds will keep each other even outside the Biggie's house?

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  1. Why you didn't show us them having intimate ?

  2. Thus why I call you a failure. You move away the camera from drama and show us nondramma