February 13, 2014

Housemates speak about feelings

Despite the fact that fatigue was taking over in the Big Brother Mzansi house, the housemates kept putting in extra work. They were also able to talk about feelings inside the house.

During their dairy sessions today in the afternoon, Big Brother wanted to know about something and his housemates were more than willing to tell him everything he wanted to know.

Speaking to Biggie, Kgosi wasn't having it smooth simply because trust is not his middle name right now. The dude was paranoid about trust and he strongly wants his fellows to trust him again.

On the other hand, Thando didn't hesitate to speak about her worst job ever, the lass said that she was once a runner for a waitress and that was the lowest job she has ever had. However she stated that she learnt something from the experience of that job. Meanwhile Mandla said that acting as a guard in the house yesterday reminded him of the time when he was young and was a guard.

The Dj "Sol" didn't hesitate to open up about his addiction to porn. He went on to speak about the time he was fired from work simply because he kept porn files and was confident that no one knew about them.

Former Head of House Mzamo told Biggie that he has a feeling that people in the house aren't that funny. What do you think of the housemates feelings?

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