February 10, 2014

Did you miss the Chambermates brainstorming?

It all happened after Mbali being called to the diary room by Big Brother to collect a task brief.

Actually the Chambermates were supposed to create a television Sitcom.Biggie tasked the Chambermates with to create their own story during this week which will ofcourse comprise of a great storyline, funny jokes and flamboyant characters.

Further still, the Chambermates will be given daily tasks that will obviously count in the Thursday taks presentation and simply means that they'll not be presenting every night.

Immediately after reading out the task brief, Nku went on to say that the task did sound like it would be fun and added that she was eager to start working on it.

In an attempt to start working on their task, the Chambermates decided to brainstorm however before they began off, Nku suggested that they have some coffee before they started.

Do you think the Chambermates will come up with the best Sitcom that'll impress Big Brother.

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