February 11, 2014

Big Brother laughs heavily during a diary session

The moodwas dark in the Chamber today and this could be because they are feeling the pressure of possible Eviction. A change of dynamic since Kgosi left the Chamber or not having had the chance to see the sun for nine days? Most vocal about this was Iris who was most aware of the black dog setting in.

Big Brother who is always concerned about the welfare of his housemates and Chambermates, did notify this shift and also decided to help the Chambermates through this very difficult time.

This week the task for the Chambermates was to create a SitCom and further still, Biggie did ask all the Chambermates about their SitCom during their Diary Sessions today. He also had a ripe chucke at their answers but really, when did you last hear Biggie laughing?

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