February 04, 2014

Alcohol stirrs up things in the main house

Everyone was over the moon when they found the booze but this has turned out to be a night full of drama and the alcohol is the star in this motion picture.

Over another round of spin the bottle Lexi was left feeling like the red-0headed step-child after being snubbed by Mandla . This obviously served as the catalyst for her sensitive behavior as after that, there was a rift between her and Thando and later her and Mzamo who also has his nose out of joint when Kat and Loko started chanting “Follow the leader”(which was actually part of their strategy) when he suggested the girls all go into another room and talk.

There was a brief meeting by the stairs which landed up in a secret powwow in the bathroom. All in all there is a lot of plotting, scheming, arguing and bruised ego’s going around, all of which curiously arose as soon as the liquor started flowing. Kat and Loko's alliance is becoming the source many a dramatic moment in the House, that's for sure.

In a paradox, things are nothing short of cheery in the Chamber, with all of them sitting in the bedroom, drinking and laughing; it is like looking into the other end of the spectrum.

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